Artistic Director: Roz Riley

Factory Space Theatre Company (FSTC) has a distinctive and innovative style of production characterised by highly integrated simplicity of design underpinning an unusually complex texture of relationships and interactions among the characters and between them and the physical elements of their environment. This style is readily recognised by those familiar with our productions.

Our current aims are:

  1. To develop FSTC as an ensemble of professional artists with continuity of expertise and commitment to excellence.
  2. To offer affordable, distinctive and engaging theatrical experiences to our audiences
  3. To participate in, and contribute to, the cultural life of the local community

Design : Hecate Designs -
(Sue Waters, Lyn Bryan)

Production: Jon Tidswell,
Simeon Barlow,
Marisa Newnes,
Sue Waters
Lindsay Walton
Taylor Allen
Kevin Hardy

Publications & Graphic Design:
Kath Perry, Sue Waters,
Karin Richards, Cheryl Ward

Associate Artists:
Alison Albany
Karoline O'Sullivan
James Lugton
Daniel Csutai
Suzanne Hauser
Kath Perry
Keara McKeown