Cry Wolf


Deborah Mulhall

Cast & Crew
Graham Bowker, Belinda Gosbee, Lyndelle Green, Hayley Power and Dwaine Stevenson.
Set Design: Hecate (Sue Waters, Michael Kelly, Lyn Bryan)
Lighting Design:Jon Tidswell
Wardrobe: Louise Fanning

Roz Riley - Director

Wolves, Wars and Women 'Cry Wolf': Australian Play Premiere
When award-winning, hard-drinking war cameraman Nick "Wolf" Grey returns home to Australia, his self-focused existence is shattered by the arrival on his doorstep of two women: the daughter he never knew he had and the lover he never knew he loved. Beneath the domestic confusion that follows lies a nagging thread of doubt. What kind of man carries a camera and not a gun into battle? How much of his humanity is sacrificed to get his prize-winning pictures? What has he done? What has he not done? How has he cheated death? And how does he sleep at night? As the women uncover the thread and search out the man behind the legend, Nick finds he has battles of his own to fight - most importantly, with himself. Deborah Mulhall is a Sydney-based playwright, director and acting coach. 'Cry Wolf', her third original play, received an Honourable Mention in the New York New Works of Merit Competition in 2003, was workshopped in Wollongong, and played an eight-week season Off-Broadway in 2004. This is the play's Australian premiere. Mulhall became fascinated by the lives of war cameramen after reading several of their biographies. She wrote 'Cry Wolf' as a way of exploring the questions these stories left unanswered. Questions about what this kind of work does to the cameramen, to their subjects and to us, the viewers. After decades of exposure to photos from the front-line, have we finally lost the ability to understand that what is simply an image for us is a tragedy for someone else?
Cry Wolf photographed by John Reeves