Dangerous Liaisons


Christopher Hampton

Cast & Crew
Dean Tuttle - Valmont
Dimity Raftos - Merteuil
Bronwen Gault - Tourvel; Kate Skinner - Cecile; Richard Hillier - Danceny;
Cheryl Ward - Volanges; Hayley Mitchell - Emilie; Ros Bilbe - Rosemonde;
Edward Primrose - Music Director
Jon Tidswell - Lighting
Marisa Newnes - Wardrobe
Michael Kelly - Production Manager
Hecate - Design
Roz Riley - Director

Comments by Diana Bilderbeck-Frost (artist)
what a great evening at Dangerous Liaisons we were all knocked out by this -you just get better!!! The concept of the 'chess' costuming was brilliant and all the characters were spot-on, our hero the Vicompt was creepily seductive, could have shown his 'dark side' a bit more whilst just a bit of sustained maliciousnesswas therethoughout with Dimity Raftos.
We considered ourselves lucky to have you all on our doorstep
Comments by David Sutton (Fairfax Digital)
Just wanted to write and say that last night was fantastic. It was one of the best shows I have seen in ages. You guys rocked! Great chemistry between you and Dean was great to watch and the rest of the cast were a treat to watch.
Belinda, Amelia and I have been talking about it for hours now, how great you all looked, the fantastic use of the Fairfax curtains and the general hotness of the whole thing.
In short love you love your work.
Dangerous Liasions - photographed by John Reeves