Fallen Angels


Noel Coward

Cast & Crew
Julia Sterroll - Bronwen Gault
Fred Sterroll - Nicholas Gledhill
Jane Bunbury - Lyndelle Green
Willie Bunbury - Rob Page
Maurice DuClos - Daniel Sphear
Jasmin Saunders - Belinda Marques/Rachel Ferris

Hecate - Design
Amy Longhurst - sound and music Design

Roz Riley - Director

Jennie Jones, Daily Telegraph
“True love is never easy, making it ideal material for this classic English comedy. Noel Coward’s Fallen Angels tales a light-hearted look at the challenges of marriage, lust and monogamy.
When two upper-class husbands go off for a golfing weekend, they leave behind two wives fighting their passion for the same Frenchman, whom they both once dated. Both women are five years into their marriages. Although they love their husbands, they lament the loss of passion they felt in the early days of their relationships.
Neither woman can resist the Frenchman’s charms. As the weekend progresses, friendships are strained as the situation gets out of control.
But the humour is never far-away, at times bordering on slapstick. The characters are like cartoon caricatures, with exaggerated quirks.
Actress Rachel Ferris does a superb job as the maid, carrying off a know-it-all air on subjects ranging from golf to French, classical music and beer.
Meanwhile, Lyndelle Green, who plays the wife Jane Bunbury, does an excellent job of appearing to get slowly drunk and emotionally unhinged.
This isn’t an intellectual play. In the fool world, it would be the equivalent of a cheeseburger; not too nutritious but fun to eat. It all makes for an extremely amusing night out. Jennie Jones, Daily Telegraph

Jealous rivalry fuels Coward’s comedy
“A bachelor degree in business, a diploma in education and post graduate courses in drama led Lyndelle Green into a teaching career.
But it was her role in the Lindy Chamberlain film Through My Eyes that led the Brisbane girl to seek fame and fortune on the Sydney stage.
Now living in North Sydney, Lyndelle is currently performing in the Factory Space Theatre Company production of Noel Coward’s scintillating comedy Fallen Angels at Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly.
Lyndelle, who combines performance with a part time job as a drama teacher at Brent Street Studios, listed past credits including Cry Wolf for Factory Space and Two Weeks With the Queen for Phoenix Theatre before launching into details of her current role.
Fallen Angels was one of Noel Coward’s earlier plays, written when her was in his twenties but already fascintaed with the decadence and immorality of the rich,” she said. “It’s set in the 1930s and is about Jane and Julia, two women friends who live in a frightfully expensive block of flats in Central London.
‘Both women are married and although Coward doesn’t tell us what their respective husbands actually do that yields such riches, we assume it’s ‘something in the city’.
“The men are both solid tweedy chaps whose main preoccupation is golf.
“But Jane (my role) and Julia have more in common than their address and placid marriages. Each, long ago, had a pre-marital fling with the same debonair Frenchman, Maurice, who wisked one of them off to Rome and the other to Pisa for romantic times they wish neither to forget nor repeat – or so they say.
“When both women receive news of Maurice’s visit to London, a wgirlwind of rivalry and jealousy ensues – with commentary from Julia’s maid, Saunders – the help who refuses to ‘know her place’.” Theatre Review by Carol Payne, Stepping Out

Fallen Angels - photographed by John Reeves