Vic Kline

Cast & Crew Sylvia Allewelt, Mary-Anne Halpin, Sarah Herlihy,
Glyn Oran, Rob Page, Aaron Ward.
Hecate - Design

Vic Kline - Director

1/01/07. '' by Sydney barrister turned playwright, Victor Kline, will open at the TAP Gallery Downstairs in Darlinghurst on Saturday 3 February as part of the New Mardi Gras Festival. This sexy new Australian comedy about the thrills and spills of love on line will be the opening production of the exciting new space downstairs at the TAP Gallery. The play invites the audience to peek in on the love lives of three old school friends as they approach that most significant of milestones - their 40th birthdays.
In the process, it takes an affectionate look at actors, travellers, obsessive compulsives, long term friendships, toy-boys, pornographers, transsexuality and other matters of sexual bio-diversity, internet dating, lost loves and Central Coast plumbers. However, for all that, it will probably be best remembered as the play that reminded us once again that 'ain't nothin' beats true love'. This will be Kline's, third play to be produced in Australia. Factory Space's production of his futuristic and wryly provocative take on religion, 'The Rehabilitation of God' was a highlight of the Company's 2005 season. Kline also has a published novel to his credit. '' will be Factory Space's third New Mardi Gras Festival play. Previous productions were 'Loveplay' by Buffini in 2006 and 'The Children's Hour' by Hellman in 2005.
LoveDotCom - photographed by John Reeves