Cast & Crew
Danny Bolt; Michela Carattini; Maria Hemphill;
Tiffany Hoy; Leof Kingsford-Smith; Jaymie Knight;
Jessica Leafe and Simon Lee.

Taylor Allen - Lighting
Ren Thackham - Production design
Costumes - Hecate
Deb Mulhall - Director.

Drovers and droughts. Elopement. War. Prison. Poetry. Betrayal. Family. Terrorism.
100 Years of History through the eyes of five generations of one family
and the immortal words of Banjo Patterson.
10th - 25th April 2015

The Matilda Waltz   photographed by John Reeves
Trailer directed by Ren Thackam.

Thanks from FSTC to:

Dave Thomas for lending the props and wardrobe.
Nicholas Linehan as grip / sound assistant for the shoot.
Danny Bolt as sound recordist and 1stAD.
Ian Mathers for lending props and equipment to the shoot and the photoshoot.

Jordan Smith from Audio Network for a very special rate on the music in generous support of the project.
Jennie Hughes, Sebastian Angborn and Liam Moses from New York Film Academy for help with the camera and sound equipment for the shoot, in generous support of the project and their alumni.