How I Met MY Mother

Cast & Crew
Roz Riley - Director.
Lindsay Walton - Sound,
Stephen Dean - Lighting.
Hecate - Design

20th july to 4th august 2018

A Fascinating story of death - and life
I thought we buried my mother 20 years ago. How wrong was I! My father who I love dearly faked her death and arranged a sham funeral that only my sister and I attended. The penny should have dropped then. How naive we were. Its not until my father has a near fatal car crash, and decides to give all his money away to charity at a time when I owe the bank a million dollars that things start to go really wrong. And all his advice comes from a guy who used to be an art fraud turned spititual guru. Couldn’t get worse could it. Well the art con man agrees to help us find the truth that leads us to Ireland to find our “not dead mother.” When we do find her what a nightmare that turns out to be! Will we be having an Irish funeral for her this time? Barons Court Theatre, London)
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How I Met MY Mother   photographed by John Reeves