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Chorus of Disapproval
"It’s Alan Ayckbourn so you just know it will have crazy characters, bizarre monologues & much hilarity. But this one has extra punch: a wacky Welshman who holds things together by the skin of his teeth -just. "
Alan Ackbourn
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly
"The three Weird Sisters (The Witches) constantly change costumes and demeanour, to magnificently deliver the bulk of the huge cast of characters. The production was beautifully staged with the tension palpable throughout and the fine ensemble cast delivering consummate performances. "
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly
Everything in the Garden
"Beginning as a domestic two-hander comedy, Everything in the Garden quickly morphs into something bigger when a third character, Jack, pops up, spinning the story into the surreal. Its dark, comedic, larger-than-life themes are what makes it so engrossing from here on in… "
Edward Albee
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

Almost Nearly Paradise
"A production with ramped up humour, great throw away lines, and an energetic exploration of juicy topics like happiness, marriage and money. Not to mention a moral dilemma or three."
Brenda Gottsche

Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly
Sister Cities
"Each sister can be summarised by labels: the uptight one, Carolina, the recluse, Austin, the perfect one, Dallas and the radical one, Baltimore. However, Freedman’s writing fleshes out the characters into more than mere archetypes, highlighting their flaws and complexities to remind us all that for every person, there’s more than meets the eye. ."
Colette Freedman

Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly
The Matilda Waltz
"Drovers and droughts. Elopement. War. Prison. Poetry. Betrayal. Family. Terrorism.
100 Years of History through the eyes of five generations of one family and the immortal words of Banjo Patterson."
Deborah Mulhall
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

"a couple of well-choreographed catfights, some moody sax playing and some languid reclining, and you have a moody, constantly shifting study of one woman’s destruction."
Pam Gems
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

Almost Nearly Paradise
"light-hearted look at moral dilemmas plays around with questions of trust, greed and happiness. What is it? How do you get it? How do you keep it? It showcases four very different women. "
Brenda Gottsche

Exchange Hotel Theatre, Balmain
After Easter
"As with all good stories, it is splintered, suggestive, funny, thought-provoking, disturbing and possibly not entirely true."
Anne Devlin
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

An Unexpected Execution
" This is a work of great intensity and it is beautifully performed."
Emma Willis
based on the play Mary Stuart
by Schiller
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

More Sex, Death, Chocolate Linked by the Presiding Angel, who takes over the beautiful body of a suicide victim, and then arrives back on earth, to find out how humans manage their lives of free will, with all the bittersweet consequences and all the existential angst that comes with it. A collage of short plays by
Sky Yeager;
Alex Broun ;
Emma Willis;
Geneieve Mortiss;
Micah Joel;
Julia Lewis;
Pete Malicki;
James Hazelden;
Therese Cloonan.
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

Sex, Death, Chocolate
" This is an experiment gone right… it’s got big dollops of sexy, lashings of deathly and a little pinch of bittersweet chocolate. "
A collage of short plays by
Alex Broun
Brenda Gottsche
Con Nats
Deb Mulhall
Edgar Allan Poe
Julia Lewis
and Suzanne Hauser.
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

Pride and Prejudice
" stunningly portrays Lizzie, showing her to be thoughtful, witty, ironic, passionate and tender."
Adapted by
Deb Mulhall from Jane Austen
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

Goodbye Charlie
" quintessential Sixties play, along with some rib-tickling one-liners"
David Axelrod Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

Shakespeare’ s Queens compiled by Kath Perry,
from the plays of Shakespeare
produced by Straylight Australia
Adelaide Festival at the Bakehouse Edinburgh festival, Scotland.
Arts Theatre, West End UK.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
" Brick and Big Daddy are standouts, there is an ease between the two that is incredibly moving to watch. "
Tennessee Williams Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

Sense and Sensibility
" what an emotional journey and so wonderful to watch! "
adapted by Deb Mulhall
from the novel by
Jane Austen
Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

Sleeping Dogs
" Welcome to the wonderful world of Sleeping Dogs, where falsehood rules. Big lies, small lies, all kinds of lies. It’s intriguing, it’s disturbing. And it’s fascinating "
by Brenda Gottsche Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly

Shakespeare’ s Mothers
"an amusing and almost titillating exploration and speculation on the roles of mothers in the bardly one’s works. To say nothing of a captivating discussion of the roles of mothers more generally."
compiled by Kath Perry,
from the plays of Shakespeare.
produced by Straylight Australia
Marion St Theatre, Killara.
Bakehouse Theatre, Adelaide Festival.

Love in Idleness
"is packed so full of allusions to Shakespeare, fairy tales and everything else "
by J.M. Barrie
Marion St Theatre, Killara.

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
" It’s Mad Max meets the empire, with desperate, rival bikie gangs roaming the ‘burbs."
adapted by Deb Mulhall
Star of the Sea Theatre.

A Perfect Ganesh
" has much going for it: magic, heartache and real human weaknesses. The balcony scenes – with both Margaret and Kitty – were beautiful."
by Terrence McNally
Star of the Sea Theatre.

" It’s a crafty play. Meticulously conceived with a very clear trajectory. The production makes the most of it. The set works well, steering away from the usual sombre black and scarlet. The attention to detail is great fun."
by Terrence McNally
Star of the Sea Theatre.

Mary Rose
"The indefatigable Roz Riley, has breathed new life into the play. She has assembled possibly her most even and cohesive cast to date, led by Lara Dignam, as Mary Rose, who exquisitely communicates a sense of innocence and wonderment becoming of an eternal child."
by J. M. Barrie
Star of the Sea Theatre.