Sex, Death and Chocolate

Cast & Crew
Listed today

  • Ben at 40 and 7 years later represented by Neil Modra
  • Cathy at 20 and 6 years later represented byAmy Fisher
  • Henry at 25 and 6 years later represented byBrian Teo
  • Kay at 23 and 10 years later represented by Angeline Andrews
  • Maddie at 25 and 5 years later represented by Hayley Flowers
  • Ramon at 35 represented by Roberto Zenca
  • Rick at 29 and 4 months later represented by Michael Sutherland
  • Samantha at 27, 4years later represented by Lucy Kate McNabb
  • Steph at 25 and 15 years later represented by Karoline Rose O’Sullivan
Presiding Angel - Emily Pollard
Taylor Allen - Lighting
Set and costume design - Hecate
Roz Riley - Director.
Sydney Arts Guide Reviewer Lynn Belvedere Tonight I witnessed an excellent preview performance of SEX, DEATH & CHOCOLATE, a collage of short plays directed by the wonderful Roz Riley who has an astonishing 50 plays already under her belt.
SEX, DEATH & CHOCOLATE (2013) comprises of 7 short plays by 7 writers, cleverly threaded together to form a unified full-length feature work… Each short play stands alone comfortably, yet melds seamlessly within this carefully chosen group of short plays that make a poetic, dreamlike sum. Director Roz Riley selected works from a veritable ABCDE of writers.
Alex Broun (A) Brenda Gottsche (B) Con Nats (C) Deb Mulhall (D) Edgar Allan Poe (E) And also Julia Lewis (J) and Suzanne Hauser (S)…
I was impressed with actress Amy Fisher's grace and presence on stage…in fact, each actor and actress in this work brought something good to the table.
At over 2 hours, this is a rich, diverse presentation with ever changing, unfolding moods and protagonists.
10 well cast actors. Attractive sets. Good lighting effects. Good sound effects… …and even some moments of sweet-voiced singing….lovely! All presented in one Sydney’s most comfortable and intimate theatres (STAR OF THE SEA at Manly)…
This is an experiment gone right… it’s got big dollops of sexy, lashings of deathly and a little pinch of bittersweet chocolate.
Check it out soon.
Sex, Death and Chocolate   photographed by John Reeves
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